Getting Started

Setting Up

1) Create a Calenflow Account, either via using an existing google account or manually.
2) Select the integration
3) Login to your account
4) Select Organisation
5) Select the main bank account, overdraft limit and pay run date (if any)
6) Wait for data refresh to complete
7) View your Forecast!

Your first forecast

Calenflow has generated a cash flow forecast from the data contained in your Xero organisation.
The forecast is not a made on a single basis. Each line on the chart represents a different possible future based on different possible assumptions. This shows you a spread of how the future may look.
The forecast basis shown are
  • Seasonal - what will happen if the next 90 days look like the same 90 days from last year
  • Last 30 days - what will happen if the next 90 days look like the most recent 30 days
  • Last 90 days - what will happen if the next 90 days look like the most recent 90 days
  • Averages Seasonal - what will happen if the next 90 days look like the average of the same 90 days from last 3 years
  • Average monthly - what will happen if the next 90 days look like the average 30 days from last year

Checking Your Forecast

The forecast can be used without further checking. However we recommend you review the forecast for the best results.
There are a series of steps to do this. These steps are shown across the top of the page.
Each step views the forecast from a different angle, showing you what it contains.
To begin checking select a basis from underneath the graph and click "next"
Skim review the forecast contents on each subsequent screen. Any changes required can be made by dragging and dropping the transactions you wish to edit. Any changes you make will be remembered and will be present any time you view the forecast in future.
After you have finished checking a forecast basis you can either return to the start and check another basis or move on to view the final cash flow report

Viewing and Sharing the Cash Flow Report

On the final step in the flow at the top of the screen you can view the cash flow report
This can be exported to PDF or shared via a link (no login or password required)

Data Flow

The following diagram shows how the Xero source data maps into the data used in Calenflow.


How is the forecast calculated?

The forecast is calculated using current outstanding invoices, predicted invoices and predicted bank transactions which are not invoice based (e.g. taxes etc)

How can I check the forecast is correct?

The purpose of each screen following the initial graph is to allow you to check the forecast from different angles. This means you can be certain that there are no obvious, large errors.

How can I share the forecast?

The cash flow report screen allows you to export to PDF and share the report via link (no login required

How much / often should I check the forecast?

The first time you check the forecast it will take approx 15 - 30 mins (possibly more if there are many transactions). After this checking can be made even briefer as Calenflow remembers the changes you made. It is possible to use the forecast without checking, however we always recommend you do check the forecast before relying upon it.

How often is the forecast updated?

The forecast is updated every day. Any changes you make are combined with the new data received from Xero.

How can I exclude specific types of transaction from the forecast?

It is possible to exclude transactions with specific descriptions, from specific contacts or with specific account codes from the forecast. You can do this by flipping the card on the right side of the checking pages and selecting what you wish to exclude.

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Ask a question here