Calenflow Business Busness Analysis

In life it's pretty useful to be able to see where you are going.

So why does most business reporting look backwards?

Knowing what your bank balance will be is critical to survival. But preparing an accurate forecast can be time consuming and difficult.The situation with customers and suppliers is changing all the time. Deposits and payments come in and out continously. It's just not practical to keep revising forecasts every time something changes.

This is where Calenflow comes in. Calenflow is an automated bank balance forecasting tool that makes it easy to see where your bank account is going.

We Watch Your Cash - So You Can Run Your Business

Calenflow produces a bank balance forecast automatically from you financial records every day. We let you know if your balance might fall too low and we let you modify the forecast at transaction level.

Our Features

  • Calenflow Easy setup

    Easy Setup

    Just link to your bookkeeping, sync the data, choose your settings and you’re done.

  • Calenflow Zero Effort

    Minimum Effort

    We calculate the forecast for you and let you know if we spot any problems.

  • Calenflow Updated every day

    Updated every day

    Data and forecasts are refreshed from your financial records automatically every day

  • Calenflow Forecast Editing

    Forecast Editing

    You don't have to just take what we give you. Forecasts are fully editable and customisable using a drag and drop interface.

  • Calenflow Share Forecasts

    Share Forecasts

    Want your accountant to take a look? Need to show it to your bank? You can easily give access to whoever you want.

  • Calenflow coming Soon

    Coming soon

    Get Finance direct from your forecast - If you spot a cash shortfall you can arrange financing directly from within Calenflow.


All businesses get a 30 day free trial. If you business has less than 500 transactions (invoice + bank entries) it will remain free so long as you are under that limit.


Ask a question here

Ask a question here