Cash is King

One of the most important concerns of any business is what is my bank balance going to be tomorrow?

Can I afford that new investment?

How much money can I take out?

What impact will the tax payment have on my cash position?

All critical questions clients need the answers to. But the problem is that the answer to these questions changes every day with every transaction the business makes. Traditional cash flow reports are complex, slow to prepare and are out of date as soon as they have been completed.

What if there was a way of using the data in the clients financial records to produce a forecasted bank balance automatically? A way of predicting the future bank balance without needing to be watching, calculating and re-calculating all the time?

This is Calenflow.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1

    Sync your clients data from their financial records to Calenflow.

  • 2

    You bill your client a fixed fee for the ACFM service

  • 3

    We calculate daily cash flow forecasts, at transactional level, with settings you can control.

  • 4

    You can review the forecast any time you want, but you don’t need to be constantly checking it because...

  • 5

    We monitor their cash flow in the background. As soon as we spot a problem we let you, or the relevant staff member, know via email.

  • 6

    You can then take a more detailed look and if necessary start a conversation with the client about the issue.

  • 7

    You and the client collaborate on the forecast using the Calenflow sharing features to work out what actions need to be taken.

  • 8

    You get the kudos for spotting any cash problems early!

Benefits to you

  • Offer a new monthly value added service.
  • Zero monitoring effort for you and your staff.
  • You can help the client decide how much dividend salary the business can afford to pay.
  • You can help the client assess how much cash is available for projects / investments.
  • Gives a trigger point for engagement with clients and offers talking points
  • Become the cash flow hero with your client by spotting problems early and offering solutions
  • Gives you that cutting edge of pro activity. Your not just sitting back waiting for issues to happen, you are solving the clients problems before they become an issue.


All clients you add get an individual 30 day free trial. So you can try it out with new clients in the future as well as today. All clients with less than 500 transactions (bank and invoice entries) remain free so long as they are under this limit.


Ask a question here

Ask a question here